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Whether you’re looking to enroll patients for a full service patient recruitment campaign or individual recruitment services to enhance your flow of eligible patients, RESolutions has the expertise and offers a wide range of services to meet your clinical trial recruitment needs.

Full Patient Recruitment Services 

The majority of clinical trials do not enroll themselves.  As a matter of fact, patient enrollment is the number one delay in the development process.  We believe our recruitment services can keep your trial from joining the long list of those that are behind schedule with enrollment.

This program option allows your team to focus on the important parts of the clinical process, screening and enrolling patients. Our highly experienced team will work with you and your trial sites to ensure patient recruitment and screening stays on track. As we work with your trial sites to ensure screening timelines are met, we will develop and implement robust, site specific, recruitment campaigns.

Individual Patient Recruitment Services 

Clinical Recruitment Specialist Services – Often times, all it takes is one of our highly experienced recruitment specialist to work alongside the trial sites to help motivate and support their patient recruitment efforts. Your trial may not need a full recruitment campaign for all sites. Sometimes there is a handful of slower or non-enrolling sites that need customized attention to get back on track. Our team, among other tasks, will:

  • conduct routine telecoms with appropriate study site personnel to ensure your trial stays high on their priority list
  • assist in setting and meeting monthly patient enrollment screening goals
  • work with your internal clinical team to report changes and concerns at the site level before they impact recruitment at the site
  • assist in exploring sources for local external referrals, as well as increasing the productivity of the sites' own internal referrals


In-House Call/Triage Center Services- A patient recruitment campaign is a marketing campaign.  Interested potential patients who act by calling the toll-free number want to speak with someone right then. They want the phone to be answered after no more than 3 rings, to speak with a live person the first time, and to receive clear next step directives when the call is complete. Our in-house, HIPAA compliant call/triage center provides all that and more.  Adding this patient recruitment screening service will greatly increase the percentage of completed eligible and referred questionnaires into screened patients.

Create Effective Advertising Materials – The first step to a success recruitment campaign is developing direct to consumer marketing materials that will appeal to their need to want to join a clinical trial. Whether it’s a TV, internet, print, billboard, subway, or radio ad, our highly experienced marketing team will design a specialized patient enrollment campaign that generates results.

Internet and Social Media Campaigns – Can you think of one person you know who does not use Google, or who is not active on a social media site?  Well, maybe your 90 year old grandmother but even then you would be surprised.  Plus, they have their family searching things for them!  Including an internet and social media campaign to your patient recruitment program is essential and can be included in your enrollment program at a low cost. 

Investigator Meeting Presentation
- There is no better time to focus your trial sites on recruitment goals and timelines than at the investigator meeting.  Maybe you’re not ready to sign on for patient recruitment services but you want to ensure your sites are off to a great start with recruitment.  Our team will work with you to develop and deliver a presentation that will motivate and enthuse your trial sites to do all they can to meet your recruitment expectations. 

On-Call Recruitment Consultant – Are you looking for a highly experienced, objective, and expert opinion on your current recruitment plan? Very few companies focus on recruitment until they notice timelines are being missed and that’s when panic sets in.  No need to wait until things start slipping; our trained team is available to review your current patient recruitment plan and make appropriate suggestions (if needed) to ensure your enrollment stays on target.

Direct Mail Campaign – Your patient recruitment progress might be steady but you want a boost of new patients for screening. Adding in a direct mail campaign will do just so.  We will design a HIPAA compliant mailer or email (after obtaining central IRB approval) listing our toll-free, in-house call center number and our study specific website.  We then search the database by diagnosis, age, etc. and send within a pre-determined mile radius of your trial sites.  It’s a fast and cost effective way to generate a boost in screening/enrollment.

Use of Regional Recruitment Specialist for the Purpose of Direct Physician Referrals – The strongest referral in the patient recruitment process is made by a physician. Our direct physician referral program will reaches out to local area physicians seeing your specific patient type to educate them about the study and to request for direct patient referrals. This program has proven to be especially highly effective for late stage disease.   It is proposed to use Regional Recruitment Specialists™ (RRS) who are trained professionals with clinical trial expertise working under the direct supervision of an in-house project manager to find the appropriate referral partners. 

Media Development and Buying – Everyone watches TV, reads a newspaper or magazine, and listens to the radio so what better way to reach your target audience them via media? The success to this recruitment initiative is to appeal to your patients’ needs.  Our team fully understands this and will create a highly effective patient recruitment campaign that fits your budget and generates rapid results. 

Would you like to receive more information on our services or a free evaluation of your current recruitment plan? Please complete this form and our patient recruitment team will contact you via email within 48 hours.

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