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Pediatric Clinical Trial for Allergic Rhinitis or Chronic Urticaria

Recruitment Challenges:

  • Parents were hesitant to given their infant an antihistamine if the symptoms were not severe
  • Infants had to have active symptoms at the time of the enrollment visit
  • Clinical trial sites were given their own advertising budgets resulting in the lack of a program wide campaign
  • Each site developed their own recruitment materials which for the most part were not eye catching and informative.
  • There was no central recruitment campaign and no central call center to pre-screen patients which resulted in sites trying to handle the volume of calls generated from the ads within their own institution
  • The first step was to develop uniformed, informative, patient recruitment materials that were eye catching enough to capture a parent’s interest but also informative enough to put them as ease with the concept
  • Given the condition, a mass media campaign was put into place to enhance the number of external referrals 
  • In order to ensure all potential patients from within the clinics own patient database were captured, a postcard was sent to the internal database
  • RESolutions in-house call/triage center was instituted and a too-free central call-in number was provided on all external recruitment materials. All callers were pre-screened and tracked through the screening process

End Result:

RESolutions enhanced patient enrollment by recruiting an additional 70 patients thus enabling the company to close enrollment on schedule

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