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Cosmetic Filler: Phase III

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Cosmetic Filler: Phase III

Recruitment Challenges:

  • Print ad design was not eye-catching and did not show the problem
  • Sites were in charge of ad placement and did not have the expertise or follow-through to determine best placement or when to change placements
  • Sites were not getting back to ad responders in a timely manner and therefore losing patient interest
  • There was no central call center for patient screening, referrals and follow-through to ensure patients arrived for the screening visits
  • High screen failure rate due to protocol-specific entry criteria
  • The trial was averaging 6 enrollees per week with 4 trial sites 

  • The print ad was redesigned to be more eye-catching and show the problem
  • Ad placement was done and monitored by RESolutions to ensure best placement and monitor responses making placement adjustments as needed
  • Resolutions enlisted the help of their in-house call center to phone screen patients and make screening appointment with the sites as well as follow-up to ensure the patient showed for the visits
  • Having the call center schedule screening appointments forced the trial sites to increase the number of patients they were screening per week

End Results:
  • 155 patients were enrolled in 5 weeks
  • Randomizations increased from 6 per week to 31 per week
  • 97% of call center scheduled screening appointments were completed
  • RESolutions enrolled the remaining 155 patients within 5 weeks

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