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Case Studies

Patient Recruitment and Patient Enrollment for Clinical Trials

Patient Recruitment Experience

 Making the right move in identifying, recruiting, and enrolling the right patient population is the key to a successful clinical trial. We have dedicated recruitment specialists assigned to each project to ensure that patient enrollment is completed on time and within a project’s given budget. Your project could be listed among these current success stories.

Goal of this placebo arm project was to enroll160 subjects within 11 months.
Results: Trial was fully enrolled 4 months ahead of schedule.

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This trial had 2 cohorts and needed to enroll a total of 96 subjects; 56 into cohort 1 and 40 into cohort 2. Enrollment timeline for cohort 1 was 3 months and 5 months for cohort 2.
Results:  The trial successfully met and exceeded its enrollment goal and timeline.

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This was a rapid 4.5 month patient recruiting endeavor of 300 COPD patients.
Results: The clinical trial was fully enrolled within 1 month of the corporate goal.

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The trial was behind by 9 months when RESolutions was called in with 387 of the 542 enrolled. RESolutions enrolled the remaining 155 patients within 5 weeks.
Results: RESolutions enrolled the remaining 155 patients within 5 weeks..

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“Rescue” study of a neurology trial in which RESolutions was tasked with completing patient enrollment of 312 subjects for a clinical trial that had been ongoing for over one year with only 88 of the needed 400 patients recruited at the time of our involvement. Our experience told us to focus directly where the patients were going for their medical information, and within 14 months we had the trial fully enrolled.  RESolutions increased the monthly patient enrollment rate from approx 5 to 22 on average.
Results: RESolutions increased the monthly patient enrollment rate from 5 to 22 on average.

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Contracted to assist with recruitment for an ongoing Cystic Fibrosis trial which was behind schedule by 2.5 months.
Results: Trial enrolled 282 subjects in 13 months (over-enrolled by 15 subjects) and completed full enrollment 1 month behind schedule

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RESolutions provided recruitment assistance on this trial to ensure that the company would meet their patient enrollment goal. At the time of RESolutions involvement, the trial required an additional 80 patients between the ages of 6 and 11 months to be enrolled within 4 months.
Results: RESolutions enhanced patient enrollment by recruiting an additional 70 patients thus enabling the company to close enrollment on schedule

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